Are You A Daring Woman?

With our new Daring Women Q&A series, we are asking women who are trailblazers in their professions or businesses to share with us experiences, concerns and insights that inform and inspire.

From left to right: Dona Sarkar of Microsoft, Lydia Frank of PayScale, Palvi Mehta of ExtraHop Networks and Amy Horn of Amazon Web Services were all part of the Women in Tech Panel at the Daring Women event.

Seattle Business magazine’s Daring Women event in May brought together talented, influential and motivated women to talk about leadership, personal growth and innovation. The half-day conference featured interactive panel discussions and talks from women executives on diversity and inclusion, owning your leadership style, cultivating a balanced workplace culture, challenging standards and more. It was such a success that it made us realize we want to keep the buzz going, we want to hear from more Daring Women in our community.

We’d love to hear from women in all industries who are challenging the status quo and advocating for an inclusive, gender-equitable workplace. Does that sound like you? If it does, please fill out the questionnaire below. We also ask that you send a high-resolution photo to

Each week, we will feature a new Daring Woman on our website.

Week one: Molly Moon Neitzel
Week two: Krystianne Avedian
Week three: Kari Brunson
Week four: Leslie Feinzaig
Week five: Lydia Frank
Week six: Carey Jenkins
Week seven: Cynthia Tee 
Week eight: Kimberly Perkins
Week nine: Aparna Rae
Week ten: Alicia Crank
Week eleven: Anika Anand
Week twelve: Betti Fujikado
Week thirteen: Joanie Parsons
Week fourteen: Kristina Bergman
Week fifteen: Claire Verity
Week sixteen: Akhila Tadinada
Week seventeen: Kathy Chi-Thurber

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