Daring Women

"If you’re frustrated at work, quit complaining and learn how to advocate for yourself."

"Turn obstacles into opportunities. Don’t let the concept of being told 'no' deter you from trying anyway. Own your experiences."

"Expanding contacts comes naturally when you reframe networking as relationship building. I believe in the value of continuously connecting with people, and making room in my own schedule for expertise sharing, job searches and mentoring."

"Career female pilots make up just 5 percent of the industry (business aviation and commercial). The challenges that female pilots face are multifaceted."

"A good leader knows the difference between confidence and arrogance. They give guidance by making people feel better about themselves, not smaller or less worthy."

"We could all be better about recognizing that the world we live in is both a product of a millennia of learned behavior and a new frontier of enlightenment."

"Moving toward real impact around diversity, equity and inclusion issues is understanding that there is always room for more people who want to be part of the solutions."

"One thing all women should do is champion one another and actively help each other succeed."

The business owner shares where she finds inspiration, what makes a good leader and advice for women starting out in their careers.

In her Daring Women keynote speech, Microsoft executive MJ DePalma discusses the "subtle but powerful ways we can stand in the gap for others and make a positive impact on our world."