Head Tax

But how will the city spend the new tax revenue? And how much money will really be coming in?

"PitchBook has seen phenomenal growth over the past several years and like other Seattle business leaders, the head tax expense would force us to reevaluate where we invest in our continued growth."

The council is debating amendments that could significantly change the legislation

After a chaotic week, things got back on track during Tuesday's special sessions

The letter was signed by more than 100 business leaders.

Amazon made it known that it would halt downtown Seattle expansion plans over the proposed "head tax." An ugly day for political discourse in Seattle followed.

Key takeaways and news and notes from the surprisingly frank discussion at the Seattle City Council's extended roundtable session on the employee-hours tax that would pay for homelessness services

Here's what's happening over the next couple weeks with the proposed new employee-hours tax on Seattle businesses