Recreation: Big Wheel

You say you want a revolution? This one will take about 40 seconds.
John Levesque |   June 2012   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
This photo illustration approximates how the new wheel will occupy Pier 57

If all goes according to plan, Great Western Pacific Inc., owner of Pier 57 on the Seattle waterfront, will unveil its 175-foot-high Ferris wheel on June 28. The new attraction, announced nearly two years ago by Great Western Pacific President Hal Griffith, will feature 42 climate-controlled, enclosed gondolas offering 360-degree views of Seattle, Elliott Bay and beyond (on a good day, anyway). The wheel, made by Chance Rides of Wichita, Kansas, will do about 1.5 turns every minute. Hours and prices TBD, Pier 57, 1301 Alaskan Way


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