The Good, the Bad and the Stupid


The year 2010 will be remembered more for its ups and downs
than for any one particular event. It was the year when we learned that, yes,
we were in a recession, but we were now out of it, except that unemployment is
still at record highs, except that leading indicators are trending positive …
it’s a high-speed carousel ride with all of the dizziness and none of the fun.

Well, mostly no fun. As in previous years, the news for
businesses and the people who work for them was a mix of good and bad, but also
skull-pounding stupidity. We look at everything from millionaires promoting
taxes to activists with pierced noses protesting them, from companies that are
gone to those still around after decades, from cool products to dumb products,
as well as our growing Hall of Shame of businesspeople gone wild. It’ll make your
head spin.

The Good

The Bad

The Stupid