What it Takes to Be a Best Company to Work For

A closer look at the Icertis approach

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Icertis, a provider of contract management software, is Samir Bodas’ fifth startup. At his previous companies, employees didn’t take vacations. So he and cofounder Monish Darda close up shop the first week of July when the weather is good and families can spend some time together.

Employees also get 10 paid company holidays, 15 days of personal vacation and two floating paid vacation days at year’s end. Wait, there’s more. Icertis offers a parental leave package that entails four months at 100 percent pay and then eight months of flex work.

Icertis values inclusion and its discussions center on the company’s values. “Different people come at an issue differently,” Bodas recognizes. “Even when you think it is obvious, the question becomes, ‘How do you figure out how to let everyone share her or his opinion, and then decide what’s the Icertis way?’”
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