Virgin on Business

"The industrial internet of things will increase the vulnerability and potential for havoc."

Resurrecting the saga of Washington Mutual’s failure every few years isn’t a bad idea.

"Companies don’t grow forever. Even big and seemingly invincible ones contract, move or break up."

For Darren Berg, J’Amy Owens and the Mastros, visibility is highly overrated.

Partnering, pairing, associating. Whatever you want to call it, health care organizations will continue to merge.

Starbucks and Amazon/Whole Foods discover that mall operators prefer a low-performing store to a shuttered one.

It’s impossible to pinpoint the moment at which the phrase “tech company” ceased to have meaning. It’s easy to detect that, wherever and whenever that point was, we’re well beyond it now.

The big story in American retailing in 2017 is not Amazon, although Amazon figures in the tale.