Victoria Nichols

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ZGF Architects
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ZGF Architects is pleased to announce the elevation of six new partners to the firm’s leadership roster: Mitra Memari, Sharron van der Meulen, Solvei Neiger, Victoria Nichols, Vlad Pajkic, and James Woolum.

“Growing leadership from within is fundamental to ZGF’s culture,” notes Ted Hyman, ZGF Managing Partner. “Over the last four decades as we have expanded from one office to six and our team has grown to 700 talented individuals, our commitment to providing opportunities for leadership remains a core value of the firm and central to the conversation of the partnership today.”

Representing broad expertise across ZGF’s practice areas,  our newest partners demonstrate a commitment to design excellence, to the firm and their colleagues, and to the clients they serve. At the same time, they are engaged voices within the design industry.

Victoria exemplifies dynamic leadership with complex healthcare and corporate clients. She is a forward-thinking designer with a keen understanding that uniting design excellence and client-focused solutions leads to meaningful outcomes.