The issue isn’t that project costs have overrun the budget; the issue is that no one knows what the project costs are, nor apparently how much funding is available.

A review has founded a $23 million capital shortfall, bringing the total cost for the project over $200 million.

Graphic: Washington state leads the country in ferry boardings.

Nearly twice as many people are taking public transit to work than driving alone, and overall use has grown significantly in the last seven years.

Take a look 22 years into the future of traffic in the region.

Train on the Amtrak Cascades' new $180 million Point Defiance Bypass route derailed over I-5 during its first trip. See reaction from President Trump, Governor Inslee, WSDOT, Amtrak and others.

In a new study, Washington has the 5th-worst drivers in the U.S. California ranked as the worst state for drivers.

The bike-to-work set is growing, but it needs savvier employers and safer streets to reach a higher gear.

The carsharing service is upgrading its fleet by the end of 2017.