Luxury-Travel Firm Travcoa Merges Operations with Seattle Tour Operator

Deal is designed to offer luxury travelers more options for custom-tailored journeys worldwide
Posted: Jul, 01 2019
  • Deal is designed to offer luxury travelers more options for custom-tailored journeys worldwide

For those in the market for a luxury get-away, the tour-operator landscape has shifted a bit via recent deal: Travcoa’s custom and private-journeys business and travel consultants are being merged into the TCS World Travel’s Luxury Customer Travel division, TCS announced.

TCS is a Seattle-based tour operator specializing in private-jet journeys and immersive travel experiences for the luxury traveler. The company has 25 years of experience serving the luxury-travel market and has operated some 300 luxury jet expeditions to more than 200 destinations over the years.

Travcoa, founded in 1954 and based in El Segundo, California, operates in some 90 countries and has booked thousands of curated journeys for its customers, according to its website. Terms of the merger deal were not revealed.

“We are thrilled to have Travcoa, with its 65-year legacy in travel expertise, become part of the TCS World Travel team,” says TCS World Travel President Shelley Cline. “Travcoa has a history of crafting unique journeys that feature meaningful cultural encounters, awe-inspiring surprise, and extraordinary access to the world’s most wondrous destinations.

“By adding the TCS touch to the itineraries, meaning up-leveled accommodations, all gratuities built-in and more included meals,” Cline adds, “we can now offer increased value for guests.”

TCS officials note that last year Travcoa’s Escorted Journeys business operations merged with TCS’ sister company, Zegrahm Expeditions. TCS says it will now operate all current and booked Travcoa journeys, adding that the merger allows TCS to “expand its capacity while leveraging both teams’ extensive history, unique industry experience and in-depth knowledge.”

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