Tech Firms Spread Beyond Seattle to the Eastside

Amazon, Facebook and Google have signed or are contemplating new deals to rent office space in Bellevue and Kirkland.

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You know that friend of yours in Bellevue who doesn’t come into Seattle anymore because (a) parking is too expensive, (b) there are too many homeless people or (c) the traffic is a pain in the bumper? It seems major tech players like Amazon, Facebook and Google have heard the lament and discovered that not all their employees want to work in Seattle, either. Or maybe it’s just that not all their employees will fit in Seattle.

Amazon, Facebook and Google have signed or are contemplating new deals to rent office space on the Eastside. Amazon, by far, is making the largest incursion, signing a deal to take over the entire Expedia headquarters tower in Bellevue — more than 400,000 square feet — in 2020 after Expedia moves most of its workforce to Seattle. Google, meanwhile, plans to expand in Kirkland, where it occupies 375,000 square feet, and Facebook, which already has an outpost in Redmond, reportedly is considering leasing office space in Bellevue’s Spring District.

These deals, of course, are in addition to the hundreds of thousands of square feet the firms already occupy in Seattle. Even Expedia says it will maintain a presence in Bellevue when it moves most of its people to Seattle’s waterfront, which makes it abundantly clear that your Seattle-phobic friend will have plenty of company.

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