A Seattle Company Is Working to Get More Women Into Podcasting

Larj Media's new network will feature podcasts developed, produced and hosted by women.

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Seattle-based Larj Media has launched the Larj Network to feature podcasts developed, produced and hosted by women. “We want to create a platform for women of diverse backgrounds to have a distinct voice,” says Tina Nole, Larj Media’s founder and creative executive director. Shows currently in production or development:  

Not Today!
Kelly Heron explores the stories of women who overcome large obstacles to obtain their dreams.

About That!
Ishea Brown and Jess Buerkle navigate through life in their 30s, trading tales about love, sex and the vicissitudes of life.

Mouthy, Messy, Mandatory.
Katie Anthony and Ronit Feinglass Plank talk feminism, family, funny broads, fantastic dames and many other f-words.

Success Bully.
Keita Williams examines the creation of successful habits across time management, emotional state, goal setting, failure and accountability.

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