2019 Tech Impact Awards, Tech Services/Consulting: Point B Inc.

Plus: Silver Award winners GenUI and Simplicity Consulting
EMBRACING CHALLENGE. Point B Inc.'s firmwide practice director, Chris Martin

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Point B Inc.

Location: Seattle

Revenue at Point B inc. shot up 21% this past year. The price of shares in the company’s employee ownership plan skyrocketed 45%.

The management consulting company, which is 100% employee-owned, has been on a hiring spree and will employ more than 1,000 people by the end of 2019.

Seattle is one of 13 cities in which the firm maintains an office. Other cities include Portland, Oregon; Dallas; Denver; Chicago; and New York. Point B’s Seattle practice director, Chris Martin, says the company is “increasing its talent pool toward tech skills,” and also is investing in research and development around emerging technologies, including automation, data insights and artificial intelligence as clients increasingly grapple with new challenges.

“We continue to see our customers face unprecedented levels of disruption and transformation, and we’re tackling even bigger, more complex challenges,” Martin says. The company, which was founded in 1995, already offers a full suite of technology tools, and is experiencing rapid growth in business intelligence, analytics and tech transformation.

Silver Awards

Location: Seattle

GenUI is a software-engineering company offering a range of product-development services across multiple platforms. The company describes itself as “mission-driven” and focused on “building products with a positive social, scientific and technological impact.” Among its larger social-driven projects is an effort to develop a data-driven platform focused on the U.S. population and government finances, called USA Facts. GenUI also sponsors an internship program that trains “high-talent software programmers” from El Salvador to help build that nation’s tech sector. GenUI focuses on its growth, too. Revenues have jumped from $3.9 million in 2017 to a projected $11 million this year. 

Simplicity Consulting
Location: Kirkland

Simplicity Consulting provides marketing, communications and business consulting services through a team of 200 employees — 70% of whom are women — and an extended network of thousands of experts vetted online and through in-person screening. It has worked with companies like Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, T-Mobile, Nordstrom and Amazon. Launched in 2006, Simplicity today is a “$34 million business with zero outside investment,” founder and Chief Executive Officer Lisa Hufford says. The company has made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies five years in a row. Hufford’s leadership also earned her recognition as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Woman. 

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