Seattle CIty Council

The council passed three changes in its short-term rental regulatory structure that applies to Airbnb.

The council is opening up applications for a task force to re-visit a "head tax," and the deadline is fast approaching. 

The proposed MOU with Oak View Group will be up for discussion in the Council's Select Committee on Civic Arenas this week.

By a 5-4 vote, the proposed "Employee Hours Tax" on big business to fund homeless services failed, but all indications show the issue will return very soon.

In a memo this week, Tim Burgess and several city officials warned councilmembers that blocking the removal of unauthorized homeless encampments would raise health and safety concerns.

O’Brien and Harris-Talley are proposing a new per hour, per employee tax that would bring in $24 million to combat the city’s homelessness crisis.

When Donald Trump came to power, he did it by railing against “the establishment,” encouraging disruptive behavior that polarized the nation and is now making it difficult for leaders to reach consensus on difficult issues.

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