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He covered the Seattle Mariners for more than 20 years.

Vegetarian burger joint 'Table opened Tuesday and pizza restaurant Supreme is opening next week. 

"On the Spot: The Photographs of Al Smith" opens this month at MOHAI and will run until June 2018.

Installation began Monday, Oct. 23, and will continue for several weeks.

When the musical Something Rotten makes its Northwest premiere at the 5th Avenue Theatre this month, you will excuse David Armstrong for feeling a wee bit parental about the touring company’s long-awaited arrival.

Despite its reputation as a seafood mecca, Seattle bases most of that culinary cred on a small segment of the industry: fresh, in-season fish. It hasn’t always been that way. 

Washington state farmers are moving upstream in the retail chain to develop and sell food and drink products and also capture customer appetites for farm-to-table meals.

Frankie & Jo's ice cream shop is unlike anything else you’ll find in Seattle: plant-based ice cream ($12/pint) crafted with nut milks made in house and coconut milk, sweetened with organic cane sugar or, in some cases, maple syrup or Medjool dates, and served in gluten-free waffle cones ($4–$8).

In the summer of 2013, dry, new-school Washington rosé was in the early, buzzy stages of its emergence. In the subsequent four years, that buzz has turned into a roar, as Seattleites have been treated to a flood of crisp, dry, delicious pink wines.