Luxury homes are still selling fast in several cities, including Seattle.

Prices in October dropped 3.6 percent, pointing to a soft market in 2019.

Trends haven't been consistent in high-tech, low-state tax, coastal Seattle

Redfin's latest update on the housing market shows Seattle occupying an interesting space in the larger U.S. real estate market

See why Redfin ranked Seattle so highly

"A million dollar home in St. Louis is almost three times the size of a million dollar home in Seattle."

Luxury homes are still selling faster in Seattle than almost anywhere in the country.

Plus: Nationally, home prices saw their smallest increase since December 2016

It's tied with San Jose and Fremont, California, atop Redfin's latest list. Plus: Three Seattle neighborhoods are ranked as the most competitive in the country.

What happens when a disrupter encounters disruption of its own? Real estate brokerage Redfin stormed the gates of an entrenched industry in 2006 through a lower-fee, internet-fueled model, refunding a portion of agent commissions to homeowners.