"I believe that the first step in unlocking our human abilities is to unlock our learning potential. I’m on a mission to accomplish that, and to ensure minorities are represented throughout all levels of education, policy, and business."

"Being a woman in tech, it is not uncommon to be the only female in the room. For me, part of overcoming that challenge lies in mentoring other women through the process."

"I think many women have experienced similar internal conflicts about how to be successful and grow our careers while still staying true to ourselves."

"Teaching wasn’t something I had expected to get involved with, but the process of planning a course, working with students and seeing the results with their project work is incredibly rewarding."

"Family businesses are so different. As a 90-year-old company, there is so much tradition and legacy."

"There’s so much to be learned from the people around us; you just have to take the time to listen and be attentive."

Shelley Thomas makes painting and sculpture come alive for children.

"Carry yourself with grit and grace. Be hungry and go forth with integrity."

"Ask for help, ask for promotions and ask for the next new role. If you don’t ask, people will never know what you want or are capable of."