November 2017

From this Issue

C-Suite Confidential with John Caldwell, recently named VP-Sales & Client Services at Delta Private Jets in Cincinnati.

The author of "Confessions of a Global Negotiator" shares the key to making a good deal. 

The double-decker steel bridge was built in time for the 1962 World's Fair. 

Moment is capitalizing on the rise of mobile photography, and now has millions of dollars in sales. 

ON A MISSION: Since 1996, John Bennett has been intent upon revitalizing Georgetown. He helped found the Georgetown Merchants Association and the Friends of Georgetown History.          

An ESOP helps Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories President Ed Schweitzer  — and his employee co-owners — succeed.

Is the stripped-down company the thing of the past?

Seattle’s electric utility doesn’t have to make a profit. But as customers conserve more and modern appliances consume less, City Light must get creative so it can at least break even.

"On the Spot: The Photographs of Al Smith" opens this month at MOHAI and will run until June 2018.

WSU and the state's orchard industry are setting all sorts of records in getting the promising Cosmic Crisp variety to market.

Juma Ventures has hired more than 500 teens and young adults for its social enterprise operations. 

Amazon’s community impact isn’t always salubrious, but consider the alternative.

The Las Vegas massacre is the latest reminder that the National Rifle Association and the politicians it manipulates are part of the problem.