March 2010

From this Issue

The ground keeps shifting under the gift and estate tax.

James Bergman at Group Health opens channels of communication to help patients help themselves.

Cultural sensitivity and outreach help ICHS transcend barriers and connect with its communities.

United General takes the lead on employee health.

Leroy Hood may change medicine forever.

Common sense and common good has guided Aubrey Davis in an epic career.

Giving staff something to believe is the modus operandi of MultiCare’s John Long.

Tom Fritz unifies INHS’ disparate divisions.

For the second year, Seattle Business salutes individuals and institutions that are making a positive impact on the quality of health care in Washington state.

The economic stimulus package did create jobs in Washington; but if you blinked, you missed most of ‘em.

Topline’s award-winning headquarters opens up the work space.

British Columbia’s newly discovered natural gas fields might forever change the northwest’s energy economy.

Movie buffs behind “SceneIt?” prepare a sequel.

Young creative people still flock to Seattle, boosting the city’s own reputation for creativity.

If you enjoyed data mining, you might also like predictive analytics, the next generation of tools to make sense of the data deluge.

CEO, Puget Sound Energy

Thrift is thriving in spite of—and because of—the economy.

A century-old family farm looks to outside leadership and new business ventures in the modern age.

What 10 years of hindsight have taught us about reaching an economic peak.

LeslieIt's hard to find anybody who is completely happy with the
course health care reform has taken. 
Although it is possible that new legislation will provide regular health

How to protect your business from a flu pandemic.

The digitizing of medical information is inevitable, regardless of reform.

People-friendly urban centers are the core of a vibrant economic engine.