Made in Washington: Warmoth Guitar Products

This Puyallup-based company has been a leader in the customization of guitars.

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Picture a guitarist with your favorite band. Chances are good that he or she has modified an expensive instrument with a new neck, body, pick guard — you name it — from Warmoth Guitar Products in Puyallup. Founded by Ken Warmoth in 1980, the company, now run by his daughter, Sandy Warmoth Hosfelt, has been a leader in the customization of guitars while pioneering advancements like the compound radius fretboard and a laminated forearm contour for drop-top models.

Employing 65 in the South Hill neighborhood, Warmoth uses exotic woods to create high-end replacement parts for individual musicians and boutique guitar makers. In the top photo, a guitar body receives a base coat prior 
to finishing while previously sprayed bodies sit on drying racks.

In the first photo, completed custom guitar and bass necks are awaiting shipment. In the fifth photo a custom guitar body is sanded by hand, in the last photo and guitar bodies with figured maple tops dry after being dyed and finished.

Scroll through bonus photos from the shoot at Sage Manufacturing below, or click through the slideshow above. See more Made in Washington photo galleries here.

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