Made in Washington: Triple Shot

A photo gallery by Navid Baraty at Seattle Espresso Machine Corporation.

Seattle revolutionized the coffee business, so it makes sense that some of the sleekest espresso machines on the planet are hand built by the Seattle Espresso Machine Corporation. Its Slayer machines claim only about 1 percent of the commercial market, but any coffee aficionado with a taste for artful design knows the graceful arc of Slayer’s steam wands, the custom-made hardwood handles on the “barista dashboard,” and the gleaming symmetry of its pump and regulator gauges. The boutique designer/manufacturer, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, employs nearly 40 people in the Georgetown neighborhood. (See last photo for a finished machine.)

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Navid Baraty

The manufacturer employs 120 people at its plant

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Fran’s makes certified fair trade chocolates in Georgetown and sells them in stores at the factory and in downtown Seattle, downtown Bellevue, University Village and online.

In 1949, 30,000 people were there for the dedication ceremony at Sea-Tac Airport