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Investing in art? Do it for love, experts say, not for money

Frankie & Jo's ice cream shop is unlike anything else you’ll find in Seattle: plant-based ice cream ($12/pint) crafted with nut milks made in house and coconut milk, sweetened with organic cane sugar or, in some cases, maple syrup or Medjool dates, and served in gluten-free waffle cones ($4–$8).

Editorial cartoonist David Horsey spent 30 years at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, where he won two Pulitzer Prizes for his biting political commentary. He has worked as a cartoonist and columnist for the Los Angeles Times since 2012.

In the summer of 2013, dry, new-school Washington rosé was in the early, buzzy stages of its emergence. In the subsequent four years, that buzz has turned into a roar, as Seattleites have been treated to a flood of crisp, dry, delicious pink wines.