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Introduction to Apache Mahout?
Apache has introduced many machine learning frameworks to choose from; the one that is most widely used in past and still in usage perhaps is Mahout. At this point there are hundreds of market leaders using Mahout for recommendation.
Why you should become a certified Apache Mahout Application Developer?
Apache Mahout skills are in high-demand, with no end to this pattern in sight, learning Mahout has become a top priority for Machine Learning professionals.
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In the modern information age of exponential data growth, the success of companies and enterprises depends on how quickly and efficiently they turn vast amounts of data into actionable information. It is for processing hundreds and thousands of personal e-mail messages a day or driving user intent from petabytes of weblogs, the need for tools that can organize and enhance data has never been greater. Therein lies the premise and the promise of the field of machine learning and Apache Mahout.
Why to Choose Mindmajix for Apache Mahout Training?
Mindmajix courses are perfectly designed for individuals seeking further professional recognition and independent certification to enhance their course outcome and qualities. We are renown for building pathways to successful careers and with over 5 years of certification program, we have acquired the needed experience to partner with you in the development and delivery of a recognized and sustainable career for your profession.
Here You will learn how to use Apache Mahout. Mindmajix Apache Mahout training helps you to learn tasks in Apache Mahout, Learning Tools for use on analyzing Big-data, how to setup Apache mahout cluster, History of Mahout…etc.
Course Curricula Include:
1. Introduction To Machine Learning And Mahout
2. Apache Mahout And Hadoop
3. Recommendation Engine In Mahout Training
4. Implementing A Recommender And Recommendation Platform
5. Clustering
6. Classification
7. Apache Mahout And Amazon EMR
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