Dr. Aileen Mickey: The 2020 Leaders in Health Care Gold Award Winner for Outstanding Medical Director/Chief Medical Officer

The Silver Award recipient is Dr. Craig Hampton, medical director of cardiac surgery at CHI Franciscan

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Gold Award
Aileen Mickey, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, EvergreenHealth Medical Group, Kirkland

As a native of New Jersey, Dr. Aileen Mickey says she has been told that she walks and talks fast.

As chief medical officer of EvergreenHealth Medical Group — a division of EvergreenHealth — Mickey is directing that energy toward establishing the medical group as its own division within the broader system.

Mickey is the lead strategist for creating systems that allow the medical group to effectively coordinate with the larger system, while at the same time operating under its own governance and regulations to align with patient needs in a practice-based setting.

It’s no easy task: Practicing clinic-based medicine is vastly different from caring for patients in a hospital.

Specifically, Mickey works with administrators and providers to translate policies from an inpatient setting to ambulatory care. Her efforts are paying off: Key performance indicators are trending upward, including a 24% reduction in the average milligram morphine-equivalent prescription.

Mickey, who joined EvergreenHealth in 2009 after practicing general pulmonary medicine in New Jersey for 10 years, is credited with establishing the organization’s pulmonary rehabilitation program. She demonstrated the business case to program administrators while developing a system to achieve positive outcomes for patients.

Evergreen employs more than 330 providers and is the Eastside’s largest primary care network, with 14 practices and 48 specialty and ambulatory care clinics.

Silver Award
Craig Hampton, M.D., Medical Director of Cardiac Surgery, CHI Franciscan, Tacoma

Under the leadership of Dr. Craig Hampton, CHI Franciscan’s cardiac surgery program is in the top 10% in the United States for quality and patient outcomes. The Society of Thoracic Surgeons gives CHI’s St. Joseph’s Medical Center its elite three-star rating — the highest — for quality of care in several key categories. Fewer than 10% of hospitals nationwide receive the rating. Dr. Hampton specializes in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, and performed more cardiac valve and cardiothoracic surgeries than any other doctor in Washington state in 2017, according to an analysis of Medicare inpatient claims data. 

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