CHI Franciscan Mission Control Center: The 2020 Leaders in Health Care Gold Award Winner for Innovation in Health Care Delivery

The Silver Award goes to Confluence Health/Central Washington Hospital
VIRTUAL HOSPITAL: From left, CHI Franciscan Mission Control Center’s Dr. Jessica Schlicher, medical director; Jayne Binnig, manager; and Matt Metsker, division director.

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Gold Award
CHI Franciscan Mission Control Center, Gig Harbor

Inspired by NASA, CHI Franciscan says its Mission Control Center is the first system in Washington state and only the fifth globally to use artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to coordinate patient care across the entire health system.

Built in collaboration with GE Healthcare, the technology can stream real-time data on things such as forecasted demand, transfers between medical facilities, care progression and discharge planning.

The futuristic center boasts an 18-screen video wall with 10 apps that provide real-time data from each hospital. The system uses AI algorithms to identify potential issues, giving providers critical information that allows caregivers to direct resources to areas of need.

The technology is used to coordinate care across eight of CHI’s acute-care hospitals. Real-time data and predictive analytics track each patient’s hospital journey, including identifying delays or bottlenecks, reducing wait time, and prioritizing tests and procedures. For example, if a patient needs a CT scan before being discharged, Mission Control will flag the patient to expedite the scan.

Future plans include expanding the technology to other areas of focus, such as post-acute care planning, surgical flow and even census forecasting.

CHI also says the technology is the first to be enabled by Microsoft Azure, providing a high-level of security for moving patient health information to a cloud-based computing system.

Silver Award

Confluence Health, Central Washington Hospital, Wenatchee

Caring for psychiatric patients that need special observation sounds like a simple concept. It’s not. But since Confluence Health created Medical Unit One at its Central Washington Hospital to care for patients identified by the state as dangerous to self or others or gravely disabled by a mental disorder, the results have been impressive. Remission rates remain lower than at many acute care hospitals, and transfer rates to Eastern State Hospital declined by 17%. The program provides 7% of all acute inpatient services in the area, successfully diverting patients from nearby state and community hospital psychiatric units. 

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