Kevin Riegelsberger

Company Name: 
Workforce management software
New Title or Honor: 
Board member

Shiftboard, Inc., a global leader in scheduling and workforce management solutions, announced the appointment of Kevin Riegelsberger to the company’s Board of Directors. Based on a 40-year track record of leading software companies to significant growth and profitability, Riegelsberger will provide critical industry insights and guidance as Shiftboard expands its reach to enterprise customers with hourly workforces.Previously, Kevin was President and COO of Avalara, a fast-growing Seattle company providing cloud-based software for automated tax compliance. During his time at Avalara, Kevin grew the company through increased sales focus and by a leading a series of key acquisitions, while helping to raise over $200 million in working capital to drive the company’s expansion in new markets and new industries.Shiftboard President and CEO Sterling Wilson hailed Riegelsberger's appointment. “We’re delighted to welcome Kevin and leverage his past experience and specific knowledge on how to further expand the reach of our scheduling and workforce management software,” said Shiftboard President and CEO Sterling Wilson.Within the $4.5B workforce management software market, companies with large hourly workforces have been underserved by traditional workforce management solutions. Hourly work environments are uniquely complex with shift scheduling across multiple roles and locations, filling last minute staffing needs, and complying with numerous hourly worker labor laws, collective bargaining agreements, and industry standards.Built specifically for hourly workforces, Shiftboard is uniquely positioned to enable enterprises to realize value from scheduling and workforce management automation. With Shiftboard, customers report 8.4x payback on their investment through lower labor costs, increased worker productivity, improved employee engagement, and retention.