Karoline Derse, NCARB

Company Name: 
Salas O'Brien
Architecture & Engineering
New Title or Honor: 
Promoted to Vice President

Salas O’Brien announced that Seattle-based Architect Karoline Derse, NCARB has been promoted to Vice President.

Karoline has worked with some of Salas O’Brien’s largest national clients in technology, telecommunications, and retail for the past 15 years. She is a self-made leader who is recognized and respected throughout the industry.

“Karoline has a solid foundation in the technical aspects of architecture. She has carved a place for herself as a successful project manager and account manager for several high-profile clients because of her professionalism, organizational skills, discipline, and management style,” said Arnold Kraakmo, Principal Architect. “There is no one in the office who wouldn’t want to be on a design team if Karoline is managing the project.”

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