October 2012

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John McAdam, F5 Networks

And the winners are ...

It’s a rare group: female entrepreneurs who launch companies and take them beyond $10 million in sales.

Weary of the hoopla over the World’s Fair anniversary? Consider the alternatives.

When Sterling Bank announced the appointment of Greg Seibly as acting CEO on October 15, 2009, the bank was, in his words, “on death’s doorstep.” It had just agreed with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to strengthen its financial viability by raising more capital and reducing its non-performing loans. Together with COO Ezra Eckhardt, Seibly mobilized the bank’s 2,500 employees and set the Spokane-based financial institution on the road to recovery.

Dendreon’s woes illustrate the risk of providing direct government subsidies to individual companies.

Mukilteo’s UET will build shipping container-size batteries for utilities to store surplus power.

Port Townsend thinks outside the big box to give local investing a chance.

SAM exhibits Pompidou Center’s all-female show.

Authentic Mediterranean in Loyal Heights.

Five brews ideal for autumnal quaffing.

Increase your firm's value with a strategic patent portfolio.

Health care reform requires business owners to be prepared and nimble.

Surely there’s a company whose outspoken CEO shares my beliefs.

Its nautical heritage notwithstanding, the Puget Sound region confronts a shortage of qualified maritime workers.

The power of IT continues to spread.

We need more talent than the existing educational system and infrastructure can nurture.

If your corporate training isn’t experientially based, it’s time to change your approach.