November 2013

From this Issue

Winners: Rice Fergus Miller, U.S. General Services Administration, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Winner (Large): Coca-Cola Refreshments; Winner (Small): Chaco Canyon Organic Café

Winner: Pan Pacific Hotel; Silver: Columbia Hospitality

Winner: 3TIER; Silver: Scope 5

Winner: Car2Go; Silver: Keeney’s Office Supply and Office Interiors

Winner: GreenCupboards; Silver: T-Mobile USA

Winner: Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County; Silver: Northwest SEED

Winner: Precor Inc., Silver: Method Homes

Winner: Virginia Mason Medical Center

Winner: Seattle University; Silver: University of Washington

Members of the Washington Green 50 know that being ‘green’ and ‘in the black’ aren’t mutually exclusive.

If entrepreneurialism is the surest way to take care of No. 1, what are you waiting for?

Seattle’s Be Labs determines a need, creates a startup.

Wright Runstad’s Spring District begins reshaping downtown Bellevue.

Asteroid mining? Others scoff, but Planetary Resources doesn’t think it’s that far out.

The new era of building benchmarking is here. Are you ready?

Tom Douglas makes a lively return to his Pan-Asian roots.

Seattle Rep brings "The Hound of the Baskervilles" from the page to the stage.

Kineta aims for greater nimbleness in the arduous biotech process.

The goal is to make the health care puzzle less daunting for patients, more manageable for doctors.

We dropped the ball on the latest iPhone release; let’s not drop the Butterball.

President & CEO of Blucora talks strategy.

What does it really mean to be green?

Thinking of people as proficient in a different way — rather than ‘disabled’ — could take your company to new heights.

If you’re not 'conducting' your customer’s experience, you’re probably out of tune.