November 2010

From this Issue

Shwetak Patel, assistant professor/co-founder

Jackie Heinricher, founder and CEO

Todd Ostrander, CEO; Minoru Taya, co-founder

Glen J. Bertini, chairman, CEO and president

Dustin Miller and Daniel Rossi, co-founders

Tom Nugent, Jordin Kare and Dave Bashford, co-founders

Jim Schlosser and Cody Petersen, co-founders

Erez Barak, co-founder and vice president of products

Alexander Tokman, president and CEO; Sid Madhavan, vice president of research and product development

Karl Schoene, president, CEO; David Lamar, vice president of engineering; James Batdorf, director of engineering and technology development

Alex Kipman, project manager

John Saw, senior vice president and chief technology officer

John Peers, CEO and chairman; Iain Mackie, vice president of engineering

Jeff Ledbetter and Martha Hayden-Ledbetter, co-founders

Seattle Business brought together a distinguished board of advisers to select this year's Top Innovators.

Changing the face of business one envelope-pushing, market-disrupting idea at a time.

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Bank list

*AmericanWest Bank was sold to California-based SKBHC Holdings in October, after this list was posted.

Businesses looking for working capital turn to alternative sources of financing, sometimes at a price.

Going against the mass market can yield a different kind of success.

Business concerns trigger a flurry of ballot initiatives.

Despite bureaucratic hoops and opposition from some restaurateurs, the food truck revolution has arrived in Seattle.

Global warming is expected to drastically alter the growing climate in agricultural regions around the world by the 2080s, to the detriment of some but to the benefit of others. (Click on image to enlarge in a separate window.)

The coin-counting company’s new blockbuster makes it a business on the move.

Making a green alternative to Styrofoam packaging.

To reading, ’riting and ’rithmetic, add entrepreneurship.

Unmanned aerial vehicle pioneer Tad McGeer targets the civilian market with the Flexrotor.

Bit players in Seattle’s past have had a serendipitous effect on its history.

Leslie HelmWe are headed into winter and with so many storm clouds already around us, it’s hard not to feel gloomy. Where are all the cranes that once littered the skyline?

Malcolm UnsworthWhen Itron CEO Malcolm Unsworth was invited to meet with President Obama last spring, it was just another sign of how central the company has become in the global effort by utilities, at an estim

Washington companies don’t sell out as often as they are thought to; they just as often are the buyer.

A shortage of public companies is holding back Washington’s economic prospects.

Being up front about problems can help you find their solutions.

What happens when scientific research enters the kitchen?