May 2010

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Choosing a board of advisers who will kick in when the going gets tough.Choosing a board of advisers who will kick in when the going gets tough.

Natural gas may flood the market at the same time a new tax structure for carbon comes along.

Natural gas may become the next automobile fuel in the business market.

Is Seattle ready for the electric car?

British Columbia’s massive reserves of shale-bound natural gas have recently become accessible. Will this bounty of cleaner energy change the Northwest energy marketplace for good?

Washington businesses hoping to set the agenda in Olympia are trying to speak with a unified voice—with mixed results.

Commercial properties account for the largest proportion of energy consumption, but making buildings more efficient requires a significant investment.

Walla Walla’s Key Technology Corp. brings high technology to the world’s agricultural businesses.

A Bellingham publisher’s electronic Bible becomes the core of an expanded online library.

Finding a use for farm waste and cleaning it up as well.

A surplus of business graduates promotes a rethink of university graduate programs.

TerraPower is on the forefront of innovation in nuclear power generation and waste recycling.

My speech to the nuclear power industry.

Washington’s efforts to draw tourism are inefficient and fall short of their mark.

Leslie HelmSometimes, politics obscures the most obvious solutions to
many problems. Replacing some of Washington state’s most unpopular taxes with a
carbon tax is one such solution.

A wealth of local talent leads a computing revolution.

To manage corporate risk in the post-financial crisis world, CEOs should focus on operational risk.

Tableau's software allows easy embedding of graphics designed to display complex data sets.

Tableau Software seeks to turn vast stores of data into user-friendly displays.