March 2014

From this Issue

Winner: Gates Foundation Grand Challenges in Global Health

Winner: Western Washington University Faculty & Staff Welness Program

Honoring the extraordinary achievements and contributions of 25 practitioners, executives, scientists and organizations.

Filmmakers assume 'chamber of commerce' roles to make a promo video about the city.

Boomers and Obamacare spur a transformation of the growing long-term care industry.

The technology is different and the profit margins slimmer (or even nonexistent), but curiosity keeps the entrepreneurial fire burning.

Moisture-detection system targets home-monitoring market

Some suggestions for when lunch has to come to you.

Seahawks brought the community together. They also made us wealthier.

She helped Physicians Insurance adapt to a fast-changing and increasingly complex health care system.

Spring always brings hope; this year, it’s particularly noticeable.

Pets are so popular that they fuel a recession-proof industry.

Other ways of raising money are on the rise, even though they often cost borrowers a few more Benjamins.

Using agricultural waste to turn algae into healthful food supplements could change what we eat.