March 2012

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The Puget Sound region is a hotbed of indie-fashion creativity.

It’s a concept rooted in history and simultaneously au courant.

Baker Boyer Bank
Walla Walla

When Baker Boyer Bank CEO Megan Clubb tasked her human resources team with developing a health program, she says the goal was “to infect the company with wellness.” A startling choice of words, perhaps, but one meant to convey how Clubb wanted a commitment to good health to permeate the Baker Boyer workplace.

Group Health Cooperative

While a key ambition of Group Health’s Total Health program for employees was to reduce costs, the cooperative soon learned it had to start by spending more.

Margaret Hall took an unconventional track on her journey to her current position as chief of cardiology and medical director of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Northwest Hospital in Seattle.

it took 13 years for Adcetris to gain initial approval from the Food and Drug Administration, but doctors treating Hodgkin’s lymphoma have been waiting more than 30 years for a new drug therapy. Trials of the new pharmaceutical from Seattle Genetics suggest it can benefit those for whom established therapies have failed.

Rick Cooper
CEO, The Everett Clinic

As The Everett Clinic’s CEO for the past 27 years, Rick Cooper has seen the physician group practice become a major health care provider for Snohomish County, with nearly 300 doctors, more than 2,000 staff members and eight locations serving about 290,000 patients.

Rick Linneweh
President and CEO
Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

Rick Linneweh has learned in the past 40 years that “one can do a lot of transitioning in the same location.” He began working at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital as assistant administrator. Since becoming CEO in 1977, he has overseen a tripling of the size of the organization.

Health care can be a lightning-rod topic. But when you strip away the politics, one thing is certain: We all want the best. And we want it to be affordable, accessible and accountable.

When it comes to influence, the West is still looking for its center of gravitas.

Since joining REI in 2000, first as COO and later as CEO, Jewell worked with the management team to help turn the consumer co-op from a money-losing business into a vibrant, modern organization with annual revenues that have climbed 250 percent to $1.8 billion.

Where are you? Inquiring minds want to know, and Glympse wants to share the information.

Mobile applications are emerging as a critical component in the strategies of corporate giants, from retailers to accounting companies. Are golf course operators among your clients? Better make sure they have a good caddy app that takes advantage of the latest in GPS technology.

Seattle-based Chef’n Corporation, known for its thoughtfully designed kitchen gadgets and cooking products, has sold a major share of itself to CID Capital, a privately held equity and venture capital company.

They pour into Seattle by the hundreds of thousands: cruise ship passengers from all over the world, clamoring to board floating cities for slo-mo luxury tours of Puget Sound and points beyond. Seattle has become a major launching spot for cruise ships setting sail to southeast Alaska, home to cavorting whales, calving glaciers and staggeringly beautiful snowy-mountain vistas.

They say getting the business community together on anything is a bit like herding cats, but what you see in Olympia these days is a regular feline free-for-all. Ever since it became clear that the Legislature would try to get some sort of a tax referendum on the ballot this year, business groups haven’t exactly been putting up a united front.

In 1958, abstract expressionist Mark Rothko was commissioned to paint several large murals for the new Four Seasons restaurant in New York. It was a volatile time for the artist, who was conflicted about his stunning commercial success, which playwright John Logan outlines in Red, about the working relationship between Rothko and his young assistant, Ken.

A perfect fit atop Queen Anne Hill

Galleries throughout the Seattle area are awash in pottery and ceramic sculpture this month to celebrate the annual conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts.

Looking for a chill workout—without having to strap on ice skates? Try your hand at curling, in which players take turns sliding a 42-pound granite stone (the “rock”) across a 146-foot-long lane of ice (the “sheet”) toward a target (the “house”). Teammates “sweep” along in front of the stone, using special brooms to warm the ice for better sliding and rotation (the “curling”) of the rock.

Can you patent a medical observation?

A local designer of compost systems is expanding rapidly.

If airline honchos really want our loyalty, they'll stop the baggage-fee nonsense.

Innovations are helping to make Seattle a national model for health care.

Story telling relaxes the speaker and helps deliver the message.