June 2015

From this Issue

Their best tool is an economic argument against a ‘brogramming’ culture that can’t possibly sustain itself.

WSU says it needs one to help fix the doctor shortage. The UW fears a destructive battle over state funding.

Vigor’s acquisition of Kvichak Marine is a reminder that shipbuilding remains a viable industry here.

USGA exec discusses this month’s U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course.

Finsphere’s smartphone technology offers convenience and security for card holders.

A deliciously grown-up offering from a popular Greek restaurateur.

How to safeguard your company from the insider hack.

It’s possible we lost a generation of female programmers because of advertising.

The interim president discusses her dedication to making the UW accessible and exceptional.

Our readers weigh in.

Technically, all university presidents are ‘interim’ presidents, but Ana Mari Cauce deserves permanent status.

It's strong enough to build high-rises; can it revive a legacy Northwest industry?

What the West can learn by observing mobile marketing in China.

Corporate support of the arts is one thing. Corporate creation of the arts is another thing entirely, as Dwayne Clark discovered.