June 2012

From this Issue

The challenge of building a sustainable and prosperous community requires many hands, many approaches.

In a state that’s often colored red outside Seattle-Tacoma, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate faces a struggle that’s quite familiar.

He created a successful city center, and Bellevue’s latter-day patriarch would prefer that visitors let him decide how they should get there.

A new arena for Seattle has implications far beyond the city limits.

Chairman and CEO of American Seafoods Group on fishing, filleting and TV stardom.

Seattle offers zoning flexibility to major institutions the city considers crucial to its economic health.

Mergers and acquisitions heat up amid uncertainty over expiration of Bush-era tax cuts.

Seattle-based agency learns that reality TV isn’t all that real. finds dogs a place to stay when their owners are out of town.

Having revived classic brands like Stanley and Aladdin, Seattle’s PMI has dozens of stylish ways to store your food.

Lynnwood firm advances the art and science of specialty knives.

Two very different books share one undeniable link.

Head to Beacon Hill for a tasteful passage to India.

You say you want a revolution? This one will take about 40 seconds.

Ignorance of international tax rules is no excuse.

Skanska USA’s new headquarters project for Brooks Sports aims high so its impact will be low.

If we’re going to be nasty to each other, can’t we at least be creative?

New growth requires strong leadership.

Major tax relief provisions are set to expire December 31. It’s time to consider your options.