August 2012

From this Issue

Don’t look now, but our northern neighbor has created an energy export policy without us.

Firm's product improves application performance by leaps and bounds.

Managing director, Seattle Repertory Theatre

Microsoft courts the cool factor with a tablet to rival the iPad.

Food suppliers count on customers who are willing to pay for quality.

Mimic Technologies provides valuable rehearsal time for robotic surgery.

Preparation of convenience food is anything but convenient.

LeMay–America’s Car Museum is raffling off a new Mustang.

Startup takes a cue from local farmers to support emerging artists.

It takes effect September 1; are you prepared?

Handling the high-performance organization with skill and humility.

Two bottles to add to the cellar.

It may be a political football right now, but ‘turnaround’ is not a dirty word.

Be wary of ‘boilerplate’ provisions that can bite.

Why can’t the billions poured into the Olympic Games give the little guy a sporting chance?

A year after the state’s withdrawal from promoting tourism, the industry ponders a California-style approach to building awareness.

A-P Hurd says Seattle is a talent magnet for young tech professionals.

Signs point to a return to 'normalcy' sometime next year.

The idea that leadership can’t be taught—or learned—ignores the importance of one’s environment and circumstances.

Creative talent abounds in the Puget Sound region.