2018 Leaders in Health Care, Outstanding Medical Center/Hospital Executive, Puget Sound Region: Lisa Stubenrauch

The president and administrator at Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation, Issaquah, is a Leader in Health Care.

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Lisa Stubenrauch has served as president and administrator of Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation for the past nine years. When she was appointed, the facility’s Medicare rating was one star.

During her first three years at Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation, she took no holidays, commuted three hours a day and often worked 80 hours a week. Her determination paid off: The Medicare rating has risen to the premier five-star level. In 2012, Stubenrauch was approached by the head of Expanding Your Horizons Network to design a hands-on course for middle-school girls focusing on careers in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Stubenrauch developed a program called “Nurses Can Do Anything.” She and members of her nursing staff have been volunteering and presenting the annual workshop for the past four years. Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation, which provides long-term care and dementia care to more than 120 residents, was recognized for its efforts in reducing falls by 25 percent, winning Qualis Health’s 2016 Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality for post-acute care. That same year, Stubenrauch, who has worked in the nursing home industry for more than three decades, was named Nurse Administrator of the Year by the National Association of Directors of Nursing. A year later, she received the 2017 Skilled Nursing Executive award presented by the Washington Health Care Association.

Assessing her long career in nursing care, Stubenrauch says, “I love the residents, I love the fact that you can really bond with them and can really impact their lives.” 

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