The 2017 Leaders in Health Care Awards: Achievement in Digital Health

Gold: Wellpepper; Silver: SCI Solutions

Gold Award

Former Microsoft employees Anne Weiler and Mike Van Snellenberg transformed the quality of patient care in 2012 with their Seattle-based technology startup, Wellpepper. They were motivated to improve patient experiences and reduce health care costs after seeing firsthand how the system failed their own loved ones. Weiler endured the frustration of lack of continuity of care when her mother was discharged with no instructions after six months in a rehabilitation hospital. Van Snellenberg discovered missing and conflicting instructions and symptom warning lists while caring for his father, who was battling cancer. So they figured out how to use digital technology to deliver treatment plans to patients when they are discharged from the hospital. Wellpepper provides a mobile engagement platform that helps patients better understand and adhere to their care and treatment plans and helps health care organizations track and improve outcomes. Wellpepper’s digital treatment plans can be customized for each health system’s own protocols and personalized for each patient. The programs are used in pre- and post-surgical care, preventive medicine, rehabilitation and neurology. Wellpepper believes that health care providers today need to engage more actively with their patients — not just in the hospital or medical office, but also after patients go home with their care plans in hand.

Silver Award
SCI Solutions

SCI Solutions makes it easier for health care organizations to improve patient experiences and have healthier bottom lines with its cloud-based management software. The SCI platform helps in managing referrals, orders, tests and procedures; scheduling patient appointments and obtaining insurance authorizations — and making all of it a seamless process across health care communities, from independent physicians and diagnostic centers to large-scale health systems and hospitals. It creates the means for health systems to offer an interconnected web of care, addressing every aspect of a patient’s needs, such as lab work, imaging, surgery and primary/post-op care. 

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