Health care


Finding a practical path toward success in a digital world.


Increasingly, measuring and quantifying work activity will be a prerequisite for success in an evolving health care market.


With the scramble to implement electronic health records behind us, it’s now up to health systems to define what comes next.

Seattle Business magazine's 2018 event celebrating Washington state's world-class health care sector is coming up soon.

Seattle Business magazine is looking for individuals and organizations pioneering efforts to advance Washington's world-class health sector.

The United States pays more for and gets less from its health care system than peer nations.

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimate that about $870 billion of the $2.9 trillion spent on health care nationwide in 2014 was waste resulting from overuse, fraud and abuse. It drives up costs, putting a heavy burden on consumers and employers alike. Major companies, public employers, insurers and medical providers in Washington state are leading an effort to break that logjam, using something called value-based purchasing, in which health care is paid for not by volume but by quality and outcome.

If the body is driven more by information than by chemistry, why not treat disease with information? This question led Matthew Scholz to biology, and, ultimately, to Immusoft Corporation, a Seattle company he founded in 2009.

The Seattle startup Arivale wants to make you feel better, but don’t call it a health care business. CEO and cofounder Clayton Lewis says Arivale sells wellness, a category distinctly different from health care.

As technology improves and Americans spend more on treatments to cure or prevent disease and injury, 2016 is likely to be a challenging year in health care. Doctors, nurses and clinicians are learning to work in new and innovative ways as consumers rely on video consults and their smartphones as diagnostic tools. The 18 honorees in Seattle Business magazine’s 2016 Leaders in Health Care Awards are up to the challenge. All are champions for change, compassionate visionaries who believe in better patient care.