The utility’s job is usually straightforward: to generate or buy power and get it to the customer. The customer’s job is to pay the bill and flip the switch. Microsoft wants to shake up that arrangement.

Gold Award:
Optimum Energy
Location: Seattle  |  Employees: 60  |  Top Exec: Bert Valdman, president/CEO   |

Seattle’s 84-year-old Aurora Bridge is built with steel downspouts that dump 3.2 million gallons of untreated rainwater directly into the ship canal between Lake Union and Puget Sound every year, something that bridge designers in the 1930s probably never considered to be a problem.

Washington leads the way in making the composites industry more sustainable.

ClearSign makes combustion cleaner and more efficient.

Federal Way firm brings manufacturers and customers together and helps them see the light.

It's interesting to see that Sally Jewell is supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership as an environmentally friendly trade agreement even though many progressives argue that the agreement will allow foreign nations to challenge and potentially und

Seattle inventor uses a natural resource to create portable energy.

As Washington state contemplates a means of cutting carbon emissions, it looks to its neighbors.