'Ghost Cabin' Art Installation Livens up Capitol Hill's Chophouse Row Project

‘Ghost Cabin’ pays homage to frontier settlers.
  • Seattle's Capitol Hill Chophouse Row

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When work began on Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row retail/office/residential project five years ago, contractors discovered the foundation of a small house that likely dated to the late 19th century. Workers called it Grandma’s House and joked that whenever construction was delayed, Grandma’s ghost was asserting itself.

Last year, owner/developer Liz Dunn commissioned an art piece for the courtyard space above Grandma’s House. She and Seattle designer/curator Greg Lundgren chose SHED Architecture & Design of Seattle to design the “silhouette” of a cedar-plank gable structure called “Ghost Cabin,” which was unveiled in August.

“Like a ghost,” says SHED Principal Prentis Hale, “its aura is ever present but ephemeral. Its form is there and then not there, visible only to the curious.”