Q&A: Jason Brown, Founder and CEO of Vitamin Packs

Brown leads the Snoqualmie-based company and is a big fan of the Snoqualmie Ridge area

July 25, 2018By John Levesque


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Tell us what your company does and what attracted you to this business.
Vitamin Packs takes the guesswork out of the supplement aisle by delivering a personalized vitamin regimen. I was driven to this business by trigger moments health scares, challenges and triumphs which motivated me to want to help other people live healthier lives.

The company aligns science, data and technology to curate customized daily vitamin packs delivered to your doorstep. Its proprietary technology Sage examines an individuals diet, lifestyle, exercise and, unlike any other company, 650 potential medication interactions to help identify the nutrients an individual needs no more, no less.

With approximately 45 percent of the population taking medications, Vitamin Packs understands medications can deplete or add nutrients to the body. Through its Nutritional Assessment, the company asks about health conditions and medication use, so it can make the best possible vitamin recommendations.

What book/TV show/podcast are you reading/watching/listening to and why?
I love drama and action. Designated Survivor and Madam Secretary are very interesting. I dont read books often but I do read Fast Company magazine cover to cover every month.

Whats your favorite spot in Seattle?
I love the Snoqualmie Ridge Area. It combines beauty with practicality! My family and I also go to Pike Place regularly.

What kind of car do you drive and why?
A 2003 LS430 Lexus. It was state of the art in 2003 when I bought it and I have loved it ever since. My commute is seven blocks so I do not experience much in terms of daily driving.

Tell us something people dont know about you.
I am the father of five children and grandfather of six. The ages range 47 years old to eight months.

While Vitamin Packs is a new business, I have actually been in the industry for 30 years, alongside cofounders Tamara Bernadot and Prem Thudia. In the late 90s, I was looking for nutrition and technology experts to help define a new way of thinking about nutrition personalization. You can say we met the old-fashioned way, through the classified ads in a newspaper.

Since then, we have continued our passion for helping people. In fact, with every purchase, Vitamin Packs provides two children who are malnourished a year of vitamins through its support of Vitamin Angels.

What are you passionate about outside of work?
My family means everything to me. Personally, I believe we are changing the way people will be able to live their lives. We are allowing them to lead healthier lives through better nutritional support that is personal to them and takes their medications into consideration. This will create healthier people and families, and we are very proud to be doing that one person at a time!

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