2020 Executive Excellence Awards: Rod Diefendorf, Chief Operating Officer, PitchBook

Diefendorf was a key factor in the integration of PitchBook and Morningstar

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As Chief Operating Officer, Rod Diefendorf’s life revolves around numbers. And PitchBook’s look very impressive.

The Seattle-based financial data company recorded $99.6 million in revenue in 2018, a 57% increase from two years earlier. Almost 33,000 business and investment professionals use PitchBook data every day. The company has hired hundreds of workers the past several years, pushing its overall employee count to more than 1,000.

In the third quarter of last year alone, PitchBook added 101 employees, opened offices in San Francisco and London, and expanded in New York City and Seattle.

Diefendorf joined PitchBook in 2016, about six months before Chicago-based investment research firm Morningstar acquired it for $225 million. Diefendorf was a key factor in the integration of the two companies and has been instrumental to PitchBook’s rapid growth and internal communication initiatives through his “people, culture, and professional development” philosophy.

During his tenure, Diefendorf has established quarterly meetings and weekly department reports. He created a senior leadership team and a company-wide intranet, and started an employee-engagement group that plans cross-departmental events such as shuffleboard tournaments.

He led the company’s effort to invest heavily in professional development for employees, including a comprehensive two-week onboarding program and a six-month training program for new and upcoming managers.

PitchBook was responsible for 76% of Morningstar’s revenue growth in last year’s fiscal third quarter.

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