2020 Executive Excellence Awards: Amy Balliett, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Killer Visual Strategies

Killer Visual Strategies has won more than 30 awards for excellence in visual communications

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Amy Balliett was born to be an entrepreneur.

She owned her first company, a candy store and ice cream parlor, at the age of 17. After earning degrees at Wright State University and Cleveland State University, she built a career in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, heading up SEO at several organizations.

In 2009 Balliett co-founded a company building websites focused on lead generation, but soon after pivoted the business to an entirely new model: a visual-communication design company that creates and executes communication and content-marketing solutions across a diverse array of media, including infographics, motion graphics, augmented reality and interactive experiences.

Killer Visual Strategies has since won more than 30 awards for excellence in visual communications and has worked on campaigns for several global organizations, including Microsoft Corp., Boeing Corp., Adobe Inc., Nikon Inc., Starbucks Corp. and the United Nations.

Balliett, who started Killer with a $750 personal investment, has at one point or another performed every role at the company, including design, sales, client relations and accounting. It now employs 29 and has appeared on the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list for four consecutive years.

Killer also has donated more than $4.5 million in services to nonprofits since its launch in 2010 and works on at least one project for a nonprofit organization every month.

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