Editor's Note

Seattle's cranes

"Seattle is No. 1 for STEM professionals and ranks highly for its economy and its business climate."

"I remain a strong believer in Seattle and am thankful I had the privilege of covering its many fascinating leaders and businesses during the past decade — a time of extraordinary growth and change."

"We are fortunate to live among so many warm and talented people. There isn’t a more dynamic, caring business community anywhere."

And they’re eager to share that knowledge.

Let’s make sure unwise application of self-driving technology doesn’t become self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s not necessarily about what you’re selling. It’s more about how you sell it. And that's been as true for Microsoft and Starbucks as it has for Sub Pop and grunge

Every now and then, it's important to focus on what unites and excites us

The business community should instead support a common-sense tax reform like a statewide income tax

Instead of merely reporting on the status quo, we want to be a positive force for change.

On second thought, for Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin, the sky is just the beginning.