Millennials Do Quite Well in Seattle

Salary survey puts millennials here near the top

By Nat Rubio-Licht November 24, 2020

Afternoon Traffic in the Streets of Downtown Seattle on a Sunny Day

Millennials make more money in Seattle than in almost any United States city.

Seattle ranks No. 3 in millennials salaries, according to a report from Hire A Helper, a company that connects moving companies and customers.

Adjusted for cost-of-living, the median income for millennials employed full-time in the Puget Sound region is $51,727, which is almost $10,000 higher than the national average of $42,000. Unadjusted, the average millennial salary in Seattle is $58,400.

Silicon Valley, ranks No. 1 with an adjusted median salary of $60,201, and the San Francisco Bay Area, is No. 2 with an adjusted median salary of $53,191.

Despite millennials having higher average salaries in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the cost of living in Seattle is much lower only 2.9% above the national average. San Franciscos cost of living is 31.6% higher and Silicon Valley’s is 29.4% higher.

Millennial home ownership is also low in cities with higher millennial salaries. Seattle has a millennial home ownership rate of 36.3%. This is just below the national average for millennials, which is 39.9%, and much lower than the overall national average of 64.6%.

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