A night view of Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct, which is being replaced by the SR 99 Tunnel.

The project’s lead designer discusses the challenges and thinking behind the 2-mile long tunnel, which opens Feb. 4.

Washington state life scienes industry is thriving

The sector, fueled by startups and maturing home-grown companies, is a multibillion-dollar contributor to the state’s economy.

Governor's office releases list of threatened services

Bellevue, Washington is on the list for income inequaltiy

Here are figures for Washington cities with populations greater than 60,000.

Jobs are growing more than twice as fast than the rest of the country.

Banker solidarity in Seattle saw it through tenuous times. Other cities weren’t as fortunate.

In a booming economy, owners of mobile homes face the prospect of having their land sold out from under them. But creative options exist to help them preserve their communities.

This photograph is part of WW1 America, a touring exhibit at Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry.

The latest PayScale Index shows that despite many positive economic indicators, nominal wages tick slightly down while real wages hold steady in Q3.