The economy will take care of itself. Not alienating the middle class is more difficult.

Knowing when we’re in one is easy; accurately predicting one is the hard part.

New reports out this month point to significant growth in the city, county and state.

Shortly after the steamer Portland docked in Seattle in 1897 with a reported “ton of gold” from the Alaskan Klondike, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce hired Erastus Brainerd, an itinerant journalist, to establish Seattle as the best departure point for prospectors. Brainerd did such a good job of promoting “Seattle, the Gateway City to Alaska,” that thousands flocked to the city. 

Nick Hanauer, an early investor in Amazon, is a venture capitalist who has launched or funded more than 30 companies. He is also a social activist who played a role in promoting Seattle’s adoption of a $15 minimum wage.