Daring Women Profiles

Her company, Liz Loomis Public Affairs, helps taxpayer-funded entities improve communications with the citizens they serve

Prior to joining SightLife, Bonilla honed her executive skills at Microsoft overseeing the company’s efforts to improve disaster-response efforts

The owner of the nearly 17-year-old LeeAnn Baker Interiors found the confidence to overcome a business failure early on in her career

Dunn’s career is defined by variety and marked by success across multiple disciplines, including tech, real estate and angel investing

Vaughan drives the dynamic media company’s HR strategy as its chief people officer

Engle encourages creativity and connection with colleagues, customers and family

Tudor stresses that resiliency is critical to achieving your goals, a lesson she learned from her mother

She also says women seeking to break into the leadership ranks have to ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable’

The Seattle legal eagle adds that women and minorities typically lack ‘insider status,’ which often is a barrier to career advancement

She stresses that it’s vital to ‘deconstruct the negative thoughts that creep in and interfere’ with the confidence needed to lead