This Seattle pilot shares her story about how women in the aviation industry battle pervasive gender inequity and the normalization of sexual harassment.

Knowing when we’re in one is easy; accurately predicting one is the hard part.

If only Donald J. Trump would listen to Stephen R. Covey.

Although we are still in the early months of a new presidential administration, we have seen an upending of the status quo and an undoing of America’s role as a leader in a more integrated, global economy.

Data permeate nearly every industry and corner of our lives. As businesses equip themselves with artificial intelligence (AI) to make sense of it all, experts predict the AI market will grow to $70 billion by 2020 and much of that growth will occur right here in Seattle.

How many transgender people are employed in your business? Do you know how their coworkers are treating them? Surveys show that large numbers of transgender employees report having endured harassment or discrimination, or having hidden their identity at work to avoid insults or to protect their safety.

For decades, scientists have been warning us about The Big One — the looming magnitude 9.0 earthquake that is expected to cause devastating damage to a substantial portion of the Pacific Northwest coast. While it’s uncertain exactly when this megaquake will hit, Seattle has recently taken major steps toward getting in front of the threat.

Seattle has recently taken major steps towards getting in front of the threat of a major earthquake.

The secret is out that Seattle is a great place to live. We have water, mountains, coffee and no shortage of innovation. That’s led to a milestone: For the first time, we’ve joined the ranks of the 10 most densely populated big cities in the United States.